Saturday, November 13, 2010


Rahul Gandhi equated RSS with the SIMI, a banned Muslim organization. If the remark was serious then why one is banned and the other is not Sonia Gandhi had described Narendra Modi, the CM of Gujrat as ‘Lashon ka vyapari’ (merchant of corpses) then why he is not booked under whatever criminal act applicable to him? Should charges be made off the cuff?

Very early in the independent India, the RSS was banned for alleged involvement in the murder of Mahatma Gandhi. Arrests of thousands of swayamsewaks were made, cases were framed, court proceedings continued and the organization was found not-guilty. The ban was lifted. Should the Congress people continue to rake unsubstantiated charges?.

During Emergency Period, the RSS was banned once again by the Congress Government of the time. Their offices were searched, weapons and restricted maps recovered were published in the News Papers, their Offices and Banks accounts were sealed, and cases were filed. What happened to charges and and the cases. Why the ban was lifted?.

Many are talking of banning RSS for the third time. It may be justified also if the RSS is the Hindu counter part of the Muslim SIMI. But the elderly and experienced people in the Congress are saying a ban will not work. May be they have the experience of the past. Do they know that the RSS is not guilty but accusations are desirable?

And now there is the other side of the coin. The former Sarsanghchalak K. S. Sudarshan, like a defiant boy, made certain asperging remarks against Sonia Gandhi. His accusations are not substantiated. He talks of circumstantial evidences. For example if Sonia Ji’s daughter went to the jail to meet Nalini, responsible for the murder of Rajeev Gandhi and wished her release, it cannot be construed as sympathy for the murderer of our Prime Minister and her father.

It is good that the RSS clarified that the views are not of the organization and the affiliated political wing dissociated itself from them. Some journalists call K.S. Sudarshan, a lunatic, mad, out of his mind and so on. But he made the remarks in full senses and full knowledge. He can be taken to the court of law to substantiate his allegations and present his so called circumstantial evidences..

Instead of doing that, the Youth Congress is destroying the National Property, burning effigies and accusing the RSS for the utterances of an individual. Is there a difference between the Youth Congress and the Bajrang Dal?

It seems the RSS is on the defensive if it is accused of an unlawful act and also if any of its members makes accusation against others.

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