Monday, January 3, 2011


You have seen over a period of a few months that the prices of onion were rising sky high. Then one fine morning they crash to less than half and are rising again with the same speed. It is not happening without an effort and if the Government desires, they can bring down prices in no time. But they declare in the News Papers and other media channels that the pulses would be imported, sugar will be brought from Pakistan and the production of such and such thing would fall short of the target and so on. These are clear hints to the traders for hoarding the commodities. They will tell you that efforts are being made to bring down prices but in the same breath they would say they have no magic stick to reduce the prices. They pretend that the god of rains controls economy, hoarders manage the commodities, Sugar lobby and cotton lobby decides the prices and the government ? Does it have any role for itself? Yes, they do as traders of votes and champions of scandles. They deliberately allow the prices to rise through mechanisms they have mastered in 60 years.

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