Friday, February 4, 2011


This winter was really severe for weeks together and I used to watch the shivering village students, of my school in the remote rural area, with anguish. I could not possibly help them all and even when the government of Uttar Pradesh closed the schools for a few days, it was hardly the solution. Then my son Neelesh had come to visit us around that time. He felt the pain of the poor children himself and issued an appeal. Large number of well wishers and friends realized the need and donated promptly to the school. We could distribute sweaters to a 1000 students and watch the smiling faces. Neelesh has shared some of the pictures and I am sure you can imagine the degree of satisfaction that came to us through generosity of friends and well wisher. I wish to personally write and thank all those who helped the boys and girls of Kunaura and surrounding villages. But I do not have addresses of many of them. I request the donors to mail their addresses to me so that the receipts could be sent by post.MY VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO HELPED ME ENJOY THE SATISFACTION OF HELPING KIDS FIGHT SEVERE COLD.

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