Monday, March 21, 2011


Students are not to be failed in schools is understandable but they will be awarded certificates without making up for the deficiency is beyond comprehension. If they have to attend schools only to get certificates, why would they have respect for books, teachers and school campuses. The makers of Education Policy seem to be unaware that certificates without knowledge are mo more than pieces of paper.If knowledge is not the goal, there is no justification of reprimanding, scolding or punishing the errant pupils. Press and TV highlight {out of proportion } any instances of punishment in schools to the extent that guardians get upset and go even to the courts of law. Principals and teachers are scared even of scolding students.Governments provide buildings, uniform, food, books and scholarships but teaching positions remain vacant. Many schools are single teacher schools and some do not have even that. Kabir Das had aptly stated 'bina guru gyan mile kaho kaise' {how to gain knowledge without teacher}. But knowledge does not appear to be the aim of education these days. Teachers of rural schools belong to far of cities and seldom attend the schools that too for a short duration. The so called 'Shiksha Mitras' are there not because of their knowledge and aptitude but simply because they happened to be the relatives of the then village pradhans. It was a back door entry that is being regularized particularly in Uttar Pradesh. It is not difficult to see, who derail our primary education .

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