Friday, April 15, 2011


Those who have visited Gujrat recently would agree that the province has made tremendous progress in one decade in spite of natural calamities. I am no body to condone the administrative lapses of 2002 but to accuse Anna Hazare if he praises Modi and Nitish in the context of development is beyond comprehension. When the issues are development and governace, some people are not ready to give even a left handed applause to Modi.We must not forget that Gujrat of Modi, in the matter of development, has the certificate of Rajive Gandhi Foundation.

There are innumerable cases in history when errant people made valuable contribution to society and the Nation at large. We have read that Valmiki who was a dacoit for most of his life, gave shelter to Sita, groomed her two sons and gave the epic 'Ramayana' to the mankind. Would you go on harping on the past of Valmiki?

Objective assessment demands that a man be evaluated in the light of his lapses as well as good deeds. Nehru happened to be the Prime Minister when the worst masacre in the history of India took place in 1947 as a consequence of his partitioning the country and Rajive Gandhi witnessed the shaking of earth with the fall of a banyan tree --the masacre of the Sikh community after assassination of Indira Ji in 1984. It can be argued that the loss of life in 1947 could be minimized if the advise of Mahatma Gandhi against partition was accepted and massacre of the Sikh community could be reduced if the advise of the then president of India Gyani Zail Singh was saught. Be as it may, the performences of Nehru Ji and Rajive Gandhi are evaluated in totality.Why be selective in case of Narendra Modi?


  1. Sir - the reality is that despite all the facade, section of society continues to assess Jawahar Lal and Rajiv by those events. I have never seen JLN being balanced for 1947 vs the industrialization or Rajiv for 1984 vs computerization. And that is why another section will continue to ignore Modi for 2002 vs latter development?

    In my humble opinion, Mr Hazare had the option of sticking to his messages rather that issue certificates to others. I think this is where most people miss their core value and immediate objective. Modi was never the context of his campaign and should not have come up for mention.

  2. I totally agree to you sir, Yes a lapse happened but if we see exit of Hosni Mubarak or whenever a crowd stood up against something.. even dictators found it difficult to control that..
    And what he could had done.. ordered an openfire on hindus.. even then people had said that see modi killed so many people.. moreover whatever happened was in reaction.. like if we throw a machstick on a heep of dry grass.. and the grass starts burning then should we blame that grass for burning or should we blame the person who started the fire.. Sonia Gandhi is not indian.. so she don't understand India.. n his party is simply working on muslim tustikaran, recent example being digvijay calling osama as osama ji...