Tuesday, December 27, 2011


You might have heard the debate on the Lok Pal Bill in Loksabha and seen the arguments our politicians gave. Do these people represent India, the Jagat Guru? Their level of arguments, personal accusations and approach to a serious issue was strange to say it mildly. In this whole exercise we are all defeated. The common man is defeated because he did not get an effective tool for reddresal of grievances. The government is defeated because it did not have its way in the last and Anna is defeated because the crowds are gradually thinning on the ground. The government will never bring an effective or strong Lok Pal Bill because it will be 'noose around their neck' as lalu Yadav has timely realized. They will not disclose the names of those having ill gotten money in foreign banks because it will bare them naked and they will not act against the culprits because they happen to be their kith and kin. We cannot expect much in the circumstances. We have to live with HOPE ,let us keep it alive.

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  1. hello sir, nice to read this one. You know what, once I was google about the IQ of Indians, and I found that as per the book, "IQ and Wealth of Nations", which is studied by harvard University scholars, the IQ of indians stands at 81, which is ranked 61, while the average IQ for a standard human being is counted as 100. We are just slightly above the arfrican countries, which are the poorest places on earth.
    The book further states that characterstic feature of low IQ societies, (which India also can be regards as one), have low social and political consciousness; as inferior ability to solve their problems and come out of their misery; have tendency to talk cheap, angry and unpurposeful, meaningless and non-stop for hours;and get caught in circles in solving most of their problems.
    Look at that! Loksabha debate alsmot vindicted what has been pridicted for countries such as india.