Friday, August 13, 2010


I was watching well argued debate on Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the Honourable Home Minister of the govt. of India was replying the questions raised by the opposition. What baffled me the most was the reply to the pointed question who allowed safe passage to Anderson?
It is surprising that the government of the largest democracy of the world has no record of the safe passage to the CEO of a company charged with killing of thousands of people. If the question was asked in 2001 it was possible to reply, the Home Minister says. It means there was some record until 2001 and Anderson was not allowed to go on some body's verbal orders or was he?
Every body's memory has faded in 26 years the Home Minister says. Does the Govt of India base its functioning on memory that naturally goes to heaven along with the people concerned.
One more pointed question could be who had granted licence to the Carbide Company to start poisonous operations in a crowded city like Bhopal? Such a permission is impossible even to a U.S company in the U.S.A.
Is it the way our government preserves vital records? Or is it that any currency weak or strong can purchase anything and everything from our government in our country.
Debate on the Common Wealth Games and associated corruption had similar response. I am shocked to think if evidences against criminals in general are maintained in the same manner, no wonder they have safe passage from the legal punishment.
I am tempted to say,
Corruption Thy Name is Government !!

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