Friday, September 17, 2010


In the recent past the spread of TV and cinema has been phenomenal and so is the steepness of the crime graph in India. Can any one explain why there has been explosion in the criminal cases of eve molestation, loot, abduction, ransom, murder, rape, burglary, cheating, synchronizing with the spread of TV and cinema. They were rare in the Indian society just a few decades ago. Film makers might claim they portray what is happening in the society but the fact is that the society tries to imitate what is happening on the screen. The promoters of crime are as guilty as the criminals themselves.

Indeed, many culprits admit that they got the idea and learnt the techniques from TV and cinema. T V channels have started special programmes on crime with full details of the heinous acts. These visuals make powerful impact on young viewers.

If children watch the throat of a goat or sheep being slit to allow the entire blood of her body ooze out, they become insensitive to oozing blood, their tender feelings are hardened. This is not to plead vegetarianism but to object to public display of cutting throat. Likewise when children watch sex crime, violence and antisocial activities, their animal instinct is awakened. Reel life is translating itself into real life.

Cinema and TV in their subtle ways are promoting a new type of culture –the buffaloes culture. The cattle roam around naked in public view and bulls chasing them with or without mutual consent. The Homo sapiens (humans) must have been like that during palaeolithic and Neolithic times but evolved to a civilized society of restraint thereafter. Film makers want to take us to the days of free for all through arousal of sensuality and sexuality on the pretext of public demand.

The excuse of public demand is obnoxious because the public might demand hashish, marijuana, opium and host of other things but we cannot and perhaps should not supply the same to the people. The argument is nothing but refuge for earning quick money by exploiting animal instincts of human beings.

Agreed, all living beings from bacteria to humans have their own ways and rules of love and love making. Human evolution was accompanied with social experience leading to civilized manners that prohibit public display of intimate personal life a la buffaloes. The programmes on TV and cinema are doing precisely the same.

After the so called arousal of sensuality and sexuality, the young ones try to satisfy their urge. Since they cannot go on a date with a friend to calm down they adopt other means that are most unpleasant.

I heard one of the leading film makers saying India is a country where 'Shiva Linga' is worshipped and Khajuraho, Konark and Ajanta were created. This is silly argument. Shiva literally means auspiciousness and welfare and Shiva Linga shaped as Cosmos is the symbol of Cosmic Energy of auspiciousness.

Regarding Khajuraho and Konark , the sex postures are depicted on the outer side of walls of temples but once you enter the temple, the walls and ceilings are blank and plain. The message is loud and clear. You need to overcome the sexual urge to tread the path of spiritual concentration, the sublimation of energy. Be as it may, taking shelter under mythological context may be dangerous. For example, Virgin Mary gave birth to Lord Jesus Christ, should the film makers portray virgins to be child bearing? This will be absolute misuse of the freedom of expression granted by our constitution.

It is for the film makers to use their discretion and decide if on the pretext of public demand they should exhibit the bedroom scenes on screen for arousal of sensuality and sexuality at the expense of discipline and sensitivity of Indian mind? Should the film makers go on pouring petrol and expect the fire not to ignite?

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