Friday, September 3, 2010


Every Indian loves Kashmir a little more than he or she loves any other state of the country. Does that mean the people of India be taxed for ever to keep the problem alive. Should our soldiers be asked to defend Kashmir with folded hands . Some researchers estimate that 40000 people have been killed since 1989 alone and Thousands of soldiers have died. Can any one estimate the number of soldiers died in Kashmir since 1947 and money spent to contain insurgency. Can any one count the money spent by way of subsidy that failed to please the Kashmiri populace . If this is the way our governments wish to solve the problem, God forbid the cost that will be paid in decades nay Centuries to come.
Kashmir is an integral part of India, they say but an Indian cannot roam around freely there what to talk of purchasing a piece of land. Indian soldiers are sent there to contain insurgency with instructions not to use weapons lest it will be construed violation of human right !!

It is a miracle that many of the soldiers return home alive and safe, though mentally disturbed at times.
It is said that Nehru had promised plebicite in Kashmir and did not try the exercise. Did Nehru have sanction of the Parliament to promise the plebicite or did he take the Kashmir dispute to U.N.O. with the approval of the Parliament? Be as it may, the problem has gone from bad to worse over the years.
Even after the last 61 years' of fighting the hostile people, it did not occur to our governments that the problem can never ever be solved unless the demographic complexion of Kashmir is altered to all India figures. Hope our governments will understand.

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