Sunday, June 26, 2011


Baba Ramdev is heading towards Delhi today, this time to see his injured disciple Rajbala who is recuberating in the G.B.Pant Hospital. He will be wise not to adopt provocative posture at this moment. In the press conference he may explain the circumstances under which his followers were forced to leave in the midnight and he was deported out of Delhi. But, the incident is under the scanner of the Honourable Supreme Court and All should wait for the verdict.
Baba had gained huge popularity for application of yoga in the eradication of physical ailments, a tangible and demonstrable goal, before the incident of June, 4, 2011. His concern for eradication of National ailment of corruption is loudable but as Anna Hazare has aptly described, Baba does not have skill and expertise to handle Satyagrah. Let Anna Hazare handle the Satyagrah and Baba confine himself to yoga, his domain of expertise. RSS, BJP and all the rest can give a helping hand to Anna Hazare as they did to Jai Prakash Narain in Seventies and to V.P.Singh in Eightees of the last Century. Let the Lok Pal as a government agency find out the list of those having black money in the foreign banks and publish the list on the internet. Lok Pal can do no more in the international matters. Nation is watching what comes out of the agitations called Satyagrah. They should not go waste.

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