Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am too old to seek justice through direct action but I do get agitated when I see injustice and anarchy all around. The other day dozens of Dalits of my millage Kunaura were helplessly watching when the land they were tilling for decades was ploughed by powerful moneyed man using four tractors.Police was there but not to protect the Dalits but to support the cause of moneyed man. The only fault of the fathers and forefathers of poor Dalits is that they could not get the land transferred to their names from the erstwhile zamidar and the present day wealthy people have claimed the land for themselves. Should the land not have been automatically transferred by government machinery to Dalits' names if they had been occupying and cultivating it for decades? In another case the land of a Dalit was sold somehow to a Savarn who managed to get the title transferred to his name. The Dalit it is said has run gone away to Bihar. The purchaser has now sold the land to another non-Dalit with huge profit. All this could not be possible without connaivance of revenue officers and personnel. Similarly dozens of poor OBC's and Savarn have been tilling the zamidar's land for decades but the government machinery retained zamidars' names in all these cases and some day some muscle man pretinding to be a zamidar would sell the land and poor tillers would have no choice but to cry and sit back.In this age of Dalit loving governments it is possible to oust Dalits and poor non-Dalits may be from their houses and fields. In such circumstances, is there a way to get justice except to join Naxalites and seek justice through direct action? There are other instances but who cares.

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