Thursday, January 5, 2012


Time is dotted with events and these define the time. For example the birth of planet earth some 46 billion years ago was an event in the universe. There have been events earlier including the birth of the Solar System, of the universe itself. But the time was there before all of these. It is not bound by events but is defined by them. We remember the points of time because of events.
A very important event was the beginning of life on earth as molecular bodies, another event was the formation of single celled organisms, yet another was the formation of soft bodied multi-cellular life froms from single celled organisms. Similarly, the beginnings of bony fishes, vertebrates, mammals and finally the man mark the events that were controlled by Mother Nature. Only the man could plan, execute and complete the events, some of which were beneficial for the human species and some others have been destructive.
Every New Year is an event separating the man made events of creation and destruction in the previous year from those that are yet to come. Humans are remembered for events. Like Rawana, Kans, Hitlar, Mussolini and large numbers like them created events that are self destructive for human species. Lord Rama, Krishna, Christ, The Prophet, Gandhi and Einstein created another set of events that were helpful to Homo sapiens. No other creature except humans in the whole of the history of the earth had ability to plan, execute and complete events. Let us make our choice of events in the New Year rather carefully.

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  1. Hi Dr Misra,
    Are you the same person who discovered the Precambrian fossil field at the Mistaken point? I found out about your work and life very recently. You should be a role-model for the new generation.