Thursday, July 14, 2011


Osama Ji was peacefully living there, said Digvijay Singh, the general secretay of the Congress Party of India. Only naive would agree that it was a sarcastic remark from the man who showed so much sympathy with the accused of Batala House incident in Delhi. Rahul Gandhi says 99% of terrorist attacks have been stopped, all of them cannot be stopped, he says. And, what percentage of train accidents, corruption, day light murders, rape and above all the intelligence failures have been stopped?
When NDA people talk to biriyani being served to terrorists in the Hazarat Bal Monsque, the Congress people retort that a sinior Minister of NDA government escorted Maulana Masood Azahar to Kandhar. What a justification. Guilty-guilty bhai bhai. Osama must be smiling for different reasons. The government of India is unable to prepare an accurate list of terrorists living in Pakistan and makes itself a laughing stock, it is unable to implement the court orders in case of terrorists convicted for life and most important that terrorists can outwit intelligence agencies as our Home Minister says there was no intelligence input for the Mumbai attack.
Another reason for satisfaction to Osama must be the utterences of many important people that harsh laws against terrorism are undesirable, that human rights of terrorists must not be violated, that terrorists come only from across the border and there are none in India, that SIMI people are only as much terrorists as the RSS people and so on. The poor people, both Hindus and Muslims are suffering from terrorist attacks because of these friends of Osama in the ruling party. The ruling party is under illusion that Muslims of India will feel good if care is shown to terrorists who happen to be Muslims. Time will tell.

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