Monday, July 11, 2011


A single train accident near Bharuch in Gujratr had moved Lal Bahadur Shastri to the extent that he instantly resigned. Value system has changed and resignation of present day railway minister, one would say, may not be a solution of Kalka Express or a remedial measure for the future accidents. But what is the solution?
Railways have been and continue to be the means of travel for those who are constrained to care for money. Lalu Yadav as Railway Minister introdued the concept of profit through gimmicks. Modernization of railways and training to railway personnel occupied back benches. As a result, these days most accidents are either due to so called human errors or due to failure of tracks and trains. The accident during Shastri Ji's time was due to stubborn attitude of passengers.
Much later when Babu Jagjivan Ram became Railway Minister, there were a few accidents and Atal Ji in his style had said a passenger while boarding the train says good bye to 'Jag' after he is in the coach becomes concerned about 'Jivan' and thereafter he says 'Ram' ie when accident takes place. Believe me, the accidents were neither as frequent nor as severe. Present day minister and government is insensitive to human life and they think 5 Lakh is good enough to compensate a human life.What a shame !!

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