Monday, November 14, 2011


I was building he school Bhartiya Gramin Vidyalaya, my dream project. One fine morning the mason informed that one window was short and was needed the same day. I asked my driver to start the Marshall and move to Itaunja, at a distance of 12 km, where I used to go to school everyday as a child. I purchased a window there and was returning. When I reached Mahona, about 3 km from Itaunja, on my way back, I realized it was Saturday. I should not have purchased iron that day. Well, I said to myself that I have done it without knowing and allowed the mason to fix the window. Many years have passed and nothing bad has happened. Whenever I go to the room and glance at the window, I smile and say to myself 'inauspicious Saturday'. All days are equally good or bad bu destiny or the law of probability decides incidents. We cannot be absolutely rational but surely it is possible to introduce certain elements of rationality. When we see young kids and old ones alike begging for money and oil on Saturdays, they must be discouraged. It is a pity that some of us encourage them by paying money.

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