Monday, November 7, 2011


Inflation in India is likely to reach the level of 1979 when it was more than 16 percent. Some of the government functionaries say it is due to population growth while others think it is a symptom of vibrant economy. Still others think we Indians eat too much but the bellies have remained as they are. Indeed, inflation is a result of mismanagement, corruption and greed. Yashwant Sinha in a debate in Parliament had claimed that food inflation can be brought down in a single day. It is understandable because millions of tons of food grains are rotting in the go dawns and millions of people are starving. Why do the government purchase if they are unable to preserve. Situation of mismanagement in other items may not be different.
Recently they increased petrol prices and tried to explain away that petrol is decontrolled. But, who decontrolled petrol, none other than the government. International price rise cannot be blamed for the hike in India because situation outside is not that bad.
Basic necessities of human beings namely food, shelter, clothes, medicine and education are going beyond the reach of common man. Inflation hurts everyone except those who have the cushion of black money.

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