Monday, November 28, 2011


Yesterday in Lucknow, there was huge rally of Dalits in Lucknow in support of a political party. On 18th December there will be another rally of Thakurs, Muslims and Vaishya communities of the same party. There already had been a Brahmin rally. Apart from dividing society on caste lines, the rallies of any kind bring thousands of vehicles for a non-productive cause and consume huge quantity of fuel. Besides, due to traffic jams caused by crowds, traffic moves at snails speed forcing vehicles to consume more than normal fuel. It may sound insignificant but if you imagine the rallies organized by all the political parties, trade unions, student unions and all the rest, the quantity of non-productive consumption of fuel will come out to be enormous.
We are silent spectators nay sufferers of the political hooliganism. We cannot do much but surely we can do one thing. All those who cased inconvenience to us and wasteful consumption of fuel by organizing rallies should not get our vote. We can possibly do it through carefully identifying such people. There are decent ways of canvassing like debates on tv, Newspaoer ads, hoardings, pamphlets, corner meetings, door to door contacts and so on. I feel the Election Commission should ban the vulgar show of muscle power and ill-gotten money.

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